Coolest Prison Ever (If You're Gonna Drop Your Soap...)

prisoncellblockhGI.jpgIf you have criminal persuasions in life, whatever they may be, might we suggest you relocate your place of residence to Austria? The reason for this; Austria happens to be the geographic location of the most awesome (to our knowledge) prison in the world. Check out The Leoben Justice Centre, Steiermark, in the gallery below.


The prison not only houses cells for criminals (duh), it also packs in a complex of courts, too. We are guessing only the biggest and baddest of bad guys get to stay here, so you are probably better off committing crimes at home. This will ultimately save you the hassle of stealing money for an airline ticket, which would eventually lead to abject disappointment once you arrive in Austria/are imprisoned in a shit hole. Still, I wonder if the Leoben's showers area is as inviting as the foyer... [New Launches]

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