Configure Your Own High-End MartinLogan Speakers, Then Digitally Fondle Them

martinlogan_speaks.jpgWe've been pretty tough on audiophiles lately with our harping on ripoff speaker cables, but there are some areas where spending more money on audio components can actually make an audible difference. Case in point are MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, decidedly high-end at a cool $US11k a pair and up. Just released yesterday is the ability to configure your own MartinLogans on the company's website, choosing colours and finishes for every area of these mysterious-looking, gorgeous speakers. If they sound half as good as they look, this is going to be truly danceable. Too bad the site requires you to download the Viewpoint Media Player to see the manipulatable 3D models, but it's worth it just to virtually manhandle all that sumptuous speaker-flesh. [MartinLogan]

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