Concorde Auction Sees Toilet Seat Go for Astronomical Sum

concorde.jpgAs the auction of Concorde gear in Toulouse enters its last day, let's see what's been snapped up, shall we? Well, you could have had a supersonic toilet seat (which goes even faster than this one) for just $3,674. But the two most interesting pieces, a machometer, and a set of the supersonic plane's landing gear, which weighs well over a ton, went for a bit more.A machometer, the bit of kit that registered exactly when the plane broke the speed of sound, fetched $34,700. And the landing gear — just where exactly in his (only a man would, I think, buy this) house is the new owner going to show that off: in the guest bathroom?— went for the same amount of money. [Concorde Encheres and Daily Mail]

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