Comcast "Assessing" Wireless Field, Sprint Looking Good for Acquisition?

acquire.jpgDuring their luster-lacking quarterly earnings call, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts responded vaguely enough to a question about wireless strategy (i.e., investment or acquisition)—"It is something we are constantly assessing," although "there is no new news today"—to stoke the speculation fires about a possible Comcast entrance into the mobile space. On the less-than-denial, WSJ's Deal Journal proffered: "We would also note that Sprint stock in particular, having been battered by operational woes that led to the ouster of its CEO this month, is in a depressed state that could lure a bargain hunter." AT&T and Verizon's size make them virtual non-possibilities, even if Comcast took the road of teaming up with Time Warner on a wireless venture. If it sounds messy to you, you're not alone—investors aren't exactly lit on fire at the possibility. [WSJ via Electronista, Flickr]

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