Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver Charges in 90 Seconds

coleman_flashcell.jpgIf you're like us, you might use a cordless screwdriver once a year, long enough for its charge to trickle away. But get this: The Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver will be ready for you in a jiffy, charging in 90 seconds or less. That's because it's not charging batteries, it's charging a large capacitor, sucking up the juice and getting you back to your screwing duties lickety-split (yikes, how many double entendres can I use in one sentence?).

The Popular Mechanics reviewer says it'll last a little less than two thirds as long as a regular rechargeable screwdriver on a charge, but then, you can plug it in, and a minute and a half later it's ready to go again. Only drawback we can see? It's $99.99. [Popular Mechanics, via Oh Gizmo]

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