Clarion's Car Stereo Comes in White, Gives you 728 Shades of LED

DUB275MP-JP_01%2C5.jpgClarion's new car stereos are definitely aimed at Eighties aerobics teachers with permed highlight — the type that wore Reebok Jazz trainers and carried their gear in a Head sports bag. With an FM/AM tuner and CD player, the DUB275MP connects to your music player via the USB port, and will also let you connect a Bluetooth dongle. Apart from selecting any of the other 727 shades of LED, should you not fancy the peach, non-aerobics fans can revel in the fact that it comes in a more manly color:DUB275MPB-JP_01%2C5.jpgYep, black. Huzzah! Expect to pay 34,600 ($295) when it launches in Japan at the end of this month. [Clarion and Akihabara News]

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