Cayago Magnum Turns Navy Seals Into True Aquamen

cayago_magnum.jpgThe Cayago Magnum is the latest in Seabob's line of underwater propulsion devices, and one look at the statistics will tell you that riding this bad boy will either kill you or give you the ride of your life. Perhaps that is why they are pitching it to rugged military professionals and not pasty nerds.

The limited edition Cayago is powered by 30 CAYAGO-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators with a 10 speed electric motor that will provide continuous operation for up to 4 hours-even at extreme depths. A comprehensive navigation and location technology system is also thrown in for good measure-which will make it perfect for long range missions. Exact pricing details have not been announced, but if you think you are up to the challenge expect to pay well over $14,000 if it ever makes it to the consumer market. [Seabob via Gizmag]

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