Canon to Halt Sales of EOS-1D Mark III to UK and Recall?

eos1_markiii.jpgWe told you about Canon's willingness to fix the focus problems in its flagship EOS-1D Mark III camera, and now it appears the company is taking further steps to make sure the $4500 digital SLR is working properly. In a letter allegedly sent to UK dealers and dated October 25, not only does Canon acknowledge a quality issue with some of the EOS-1D Mark III units already sold, the company has decided to stop shipping the product and will collect all unsold units from dealer stock. Take a look at the letter:2308_canon_uk_letter.jpg

We talked with representatives at Canon USA this morning, who said they hadn't heard anything about this letter, nor did they know if sales of the EOS-1D Mark III would also be halted in the U.S. or if existing units would be recalled. They're looking into it for us, so stay tuned for more info. [Rob Galbraith DPI]

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