Buzz Box Should Be Illegal, May Cause Insanity

bzzz.jpgWhen darkness falls, the Buzz Box is activated to emit a high-pitched "buzzing" noise, not too dissimilar to the noise made by a large mosquito thirsty for blood. The use? If you have enemies, (with a personality like yours that is more than likely), hide this in their apartment. Slowly but surely, they will begin to resent life, then you can watch them transform into an insomniac with paranoid tendencies focused on the evils and dangers of mosquitoes and wasps. And you will laugh, a hearty laugh, each night before you lay down to blissful slumber. Kill Bill, eat yer' heart out.

Priced at £4.99 ($10.21) each, they are only available in batches of twelve, so you are going to need a dozen enemies to make it a worthwhile purchase. Shouldn't be difficult. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

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