Buy Leopard on Launch Day, Get a Free T-Shirt, Increase Sex Appeal

1aFastMacTGI.jpgAdam over at Daily Tech Talk just threw down an exclusive giveaway promotion by FastMac. If you pop along to an Apple retail store on Leopard launch day, the good lads from FastMac will be throwing free T-shirts in your direction. Check out the awesome movie inspired themes that will be available:


AU: I thought Mac users had some sense of style? Why would they want to wear some nasty punny T-shirts? Fear not, friends, I doubt these will be appearing in an Apple Store near you. Quantities are limited, but the Ts look cool. Curiously, you can drop Adam an email with your details, he'll send those onto FastMac and they will, in return, forward onto you a box of T-shirts to give out at your local Apple store. If no one's checking, that will secure you a season's worth of trendy Apple inspired apparel. You'll have to hold the ladies back, you sexy styled beast. [Daily Tech Talk]

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