Buy a Zune, Fight Breast Cancer

pink_zune_breastcancer.jpgSince we're such breast fans here at the Giz, we wouldn't think of letting Breast Cancer Awareness Month pass by without a mention. The best news is you can celebrate boobies, get yourself a 30GB limited edition pink Zune, and fight breast cancer at the same time. Unlike some other charitable music-player-selling schemes that only donate a measly 5% of their proceeds to charity, when you buy a 30GB Zune from Warriors in Pink, 100% of the purchase price goes to Susan G. Koman For the Cure, thanks to the generosity of Ford and Microsoft. Breast cancer is no laughing matter, and we figure anything we can do to promote and preserve breasts and the lovely women on which they reside is time well spent. The pink 30GB Zune is $250 ($50 more than retail for a 30GB Zune), but it's for a worthy cause. [Warriors in Pink]

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