Bricked iPhones Get Apple a Class Action Lawsuit

Apple was named defendant in a class-action lawsuit filed by Timothy Smith over bricked iPhone matters. Specifically, he asks that Apple be forbidden from selling locked iPhones and that it provide warranty assistance for owners of unlocked iPhones, unable to hit the more modern 1.1.1 firmware without bricking.

I'd agree with the second point, and I'd dare say that if Apple sold the iPhone unlocked but without visual voicemail support on TMO, others might actually choose AT&T instead of feeling jailed by them. These are the same lawyers, M. Van Smith and Damian R. Fernandez, who opened up the site, so this is part of that same fishing trip, which seems more justified than past class-action frivolity. I don't agree with Apple on their recent iPhone policies, and think it's a dicey time to buy the phone, but I'm also not a fan of overly litigious conversations between buyer and tech company, either. Clearly, this isn't a happy time for Mac fans. [Computerworld]

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