Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


Phone fingers protect iPhone from fingerprints, have obvious sexual uses. Perfect for freaky germophobes, and cutting edge fashion victims.

Eizo SX3031W-H joins the 30-inch club. Graphic designers will probably want two.

Sony sells Cell chip business to Toshiba. What, so they can use the funds as a Blu-ray battle war chest? What was Tosh thinking?

Focus-broken Canon EOS1D Mark III to be fixed soon. Lustworthy high-end DSLRs should preferably work properly, so this is great news.

Classic Mac becomes a sweet jukebox. Mac mini just loves squeezing into weird and wonderful spaces.

Mobile phone use on planes could be reality next year. That doesn't mean I WANT IT TO BE! GIVE ME PEACE IN FLIGHT, PLEASE!?

Robot cannon goes berserk, kills nine. Holy shit. That's some software bug. Or the red letter date for when the machines turn against us...

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