Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Keep your lunch fresh with the power of NASA technology.
The ultimate geek lunchbox!

Nokia N810 hands-on gallery and video.
Not quite handheld nirvana, but we’re getting close.

HDD USB dock plugs bare SATA drives like NES carts.
An awesome step forward for rotating backups in small offices or at home.

Man builds Boeing 747 sim in his bedroom.
The BA safety card is a nice finishing touch.

Panoramic mecha sim arcade game is networked and awesome.
A few generations down the road from the Intencity action from back in 1994(?)

Touchless keyboard lets disabled type with their head.
Most of you won’t need it now, but good to know it’s getting easier to remain a geek should you have a bad accident.

Western Union and GSM Association hooking up global phone money transfers.
Now easier to get fleeced by paying the wrong way on eBay!

WiMax wins 3G certification from ITU.
Could pave a smoother path for 3G / 4G progression, and back compat?

Optimus Prime gets real on eBay.
Perfect 1:1 movie replica on sale now. Shipping from US might hurt you.

3rd Space vest lets you know when you’ve been shot.
In games. Probably quite obvious if shot 4realz.