Boob-Shaped Cushions Could Almost Turn Me Lesbian

funwari_milk_chan_1.jpgMost people think that all boobs are cushions, but these Funwari Milk-chan, or Fluffy Milk, are real boob cushions. Like the real thing, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Unlike the real thing, however, they're furry. There are five different boobs to choose from, each with its own character:funwari_milk_chan.jpgFunwari Milk-chan, in the center, is easy-going, but would like to be bigger than she is. Likes: collagen, sleeping. Top left is Can Milk-san is a wannabe celeb with an American boyfriend (that'll be Chen, then) who loves beauty salons.

Below her is Ganguro Milk-chan who, despite her pierced nipple is mature and level-headed. Loves dancing, apparently. Peach Milk-chan is an arachnophobic fashion victim who's pretty frightening when she's angry, is up on current affairs and loves low-brow stuff — um, sounds like me. Finally Miko-chan is the baby of the group, and a total genius. She loves to invent things, and her brain is in her pacifier.

Their official website is rather fabulous, full of slightly odd drawings of boobs standing on each other and toppling over, boobs in sunglasses, singing boobs as well as boobs beating their friends at Halo 3 cartoon strips of the Milk Village quintet's exploits. They cost around $9 each in, yep, Japan. And before you accuse me of being sensationalist, I would just like to say that I was made to write that headline by one of our editors. [Fumiwari Milk via Pink Tentacle]

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