Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD Nearly 2-to-1 in US

Catfight_BD_HDD.jpgHome Media Research reports that from January 1 through September 30, Blu-ray sold 2.6 million discs in the US, while only 1.4 million HD DVD discs were sold.

Since it ended in September, the count doesn't include Michael Bay's reluctantly sold 190,000 Transformers HD DVDs, a figure which will probably continue to rise, adding to the HD DVD camp's overall numbers. And the numbers may shift more favourably towards HD DVD as Paramount and Dreamworks maintain exclusivity for at least 17 more months.

Nevertheless, it does suggest that, still without serious pushes from Fox and Disney, the Blu-ray posse is maintaining its lead, and even growing it: Since the advent of high-definition discs back in spring 2006, just over 3 million Blu-ray discs have been purchased stateside, while only around 2 million HD DVD discs have sold. [Reuters]

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