Bill Gates (Degraded) Throughout History Photoshop Gallery of Glory

MylesFreeman.jpgYet again I've stupidly called down the fire of Giz readers' Photoshopping, uh, abilities, this time asking you to Photoshop Bill Gates throughout history. A lot of you seemed to miss the whole history part of it, and while a few less-than-historical images slipped through, I tried to only choose ones that followed the rules. Also, if yours didn't make it in, chances are good that it involved Hitler, JFK, or the Yalta conference, as 75% of the entries had one of those things in it. Overall, it's yet another example of the warped minds of our readers, and I couldn't be prouder. You're all winners! Be sure to click through to the full gallery, as there are a lot more than are shown on the main page.

AU: Up to there is the best piece of work we received from an Aussie reader - it's definitely better than the alternate version of the same scene (funny how that happens) found in the gallery below. Great work, Myles!


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