Beyond TV Adds iPod/iPhone Auto Sync

OfficeiPhoneRevisedSmaller.jpgWe haven't paid much attention to Beyond TV in the past, but the new 4.7 update has caught our attention with a sweet new feature: iPod and iPhone auto syncing. While competitors like TivoToGo will allow you to convert recorded shows to iPod-ready H.264 compression, it's a tedious process that tends to pull the convenience right out of the convenience.

And Beyond TV 4.7 will not only auto sync your favourite shows, but also import your iTunes podcast RSS for syncing...which may be useful for those looking to circumvent Apple software altogether. There's no OSX support, but the latest version will run those of you Apple-using, self-hating PC users $US70 (or what, like 35 iTunes show downloads). [beyondtv via Electronista]

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