Bang & Olufsen C-Cap, Smells Like Insulin

flashing%20pen%20cap%20-280x1412.gifBang & Olufsen doesn't just make high-end *cough overpriced cough* audio equipment, they also design medical gadgets. Their C-Cap is meant to improve medication adherence by reminding diabetics and other patients requiring injected medication when to take the next dose, while housing the medication for convenience. For instance, when it's time for a diabetic to take their insulin, the C-Cap's light will glow green. If they are late, the colour will turn to yellow and the pen may chime as a reminder. Then, after the patient takes their meds, the pen will turn red until the next dose. It's not the most advanced system on the planet, but if it keeps you from dying, more power to it. We think an autolock (that could be overridden) would be a nice feature to prevent overdosing. The C-Caps go on sale overseas soon, but there's no word on whether or not they'll be available for recreational use. [product via wired]

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