Jeromeolivet 32 is a Bag for Your iPod, Not an STI for Your Fun Parts

jo32narGI.jpgIf you like pictures of stuff that look way more awesome than they are actually are, feast your eyes on Jerome Olivet's new iPod shoulder bag, with the narcissistic title of Jeromeolivet 32. You could probably take iPod out of the product description and have a fully-fledged, regular shoulder bag, but as Olivet has included the ubiquitous noun and has a kick-ass, porn star esque nomenclature for his person, we'll give his new wonder, constructed from fabric and PVC, some well-deserved attention. The sack for your iPod promises to "merge with your body" and has a double use of being able to hold your mobile phone, too. All this functionality is making us queasy, take our 54€ ($76.58) and be gone with you, Mr. Talented Designer Man. [Product Page via Dezeen]

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