Awesome Dual Format Disc Player Imminent, Format War Only Theoretical Now?

BD-UP5000_overhead_540x296.jpgDid you hear? The Samsung BD-UP5000 is coming with full HD DVD and Blu-ray support, including the best in class profile 1.1 support for picture in picture, etc for BD. At $1000, it isn't cheap. But you'll avoid the ugly situation of having to choose between a disc player that plays Casino Royale (BD) or Transformers (HD DVD). This is the first HD disc player we can recommend whole heartedly from a feature standpoint, but of course, it's not that simple. I'm sure some of you will want to opt for the other choices. Maybe you want a game console with HD disc playback, or don't have an HDTV yet. Maybe you're interested but are waiting for the price points to drop on players. Thoughts?

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