Audi's Concept Instrument Does Everything, Looks Like a Slab of Granite

MyAudiConGI.jpgAudi has produced a concept device that will function as a cellphone, MP3 player, vehicle control system and in-car navigation system. That is a lot of functionality under one roof. It appears, after the team let their functionality juices flow, they were fresh out of design ideas because the multi-functioning wonder looks like a rudimentary caveman's instrument for beating prey to a pulp.It is proposed the gadget will have both Wi-Fi and 3G (UMTS) connectivity, allowing for the appropriate connection in different situations. An onboard camera also allows for photography and theft prevention. At this point it's all up in concept heaven, but if it ever does come to fruition, I'll take one for my imaginary Audi R8, I have been getting rather lost on my imaginary drives around the cosmos; this will be handy. I wonder if it works in Haroon's imaginary land. Of course it does—they should add that to the feature list. [Blogo Wogo]

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