Asus P527 Is 2.5G GPS Smartphone Hotness

Asus_P527_1.jpgWe're fairly certain this news is from an overseas press release and not just rumour fun, but apparently Asus has a new smartphone on the way. The Asus p527 (successor to the P526) may still be limited to EDGE, but this quadband GSM phone is exciting nonetheless. In full metallic build, the P527 features Windows Mobile Professional 6 with touchscreen support, 2MP camera, MicroSD expansion and a full fledged SiRF Star III GPS. But with an anticipated $700 pricetag when it hits (overseas?) at the end of this year, the P527 will have some stiff competition from the booming smartphone market. Hit the jump for a super megapic version of the P527. [gpsandco via ubergizmo]

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