Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor Has a Tiny Headlight

gilletteArtOfShaving_front.jpgIf you can't stand the thought of a buzzing, whining electric contraption grinding away at your face every morning, maybe this new Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor with a tiny spotlight is just the face-scraping utensil you've been looking for. The luxury razor company teamed up with blademaker Gillette for this handle that fits the company's cartridge razor blades, and its heavy chrome and resin construction gives it a hefty high-quality feel. But this blade-shaving routine seems like a lot of trouble. Let's talk blade vs. electric.


A bit more about this razor. We especially like that lighting idea, apparently borrowed from age-old vacuum cleaner headlights and shedding some light on the subject. Perhaps it alleviates unnecessary bloodshed. Although $150 seems like a lot of money to pay for a mere handle, that's a lot less than you'd shell out for some electric razors. But we'll stick to the buzzing and whining for now, because time-consuming futzing with cream, hot water and fresh blood in the morning is more than we can bear. How about you, gents? What's your preference? [Shaving Stuff]

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