Apple pricing: Leopard giveth, iTunes taketh away giveth too

Apple pricing: Leopard giveth, iTunes <strike>taketh away</strike> giveth too

A big, big kudos to Apple on their adjustment of local Leopard pricing in line with the new strength of the Aussie dollar. Earlier reports had put the price at A$229, with the US price of $129 (pre-tax, of course) looking an awful lot cheaper. At current exchange rates US price translates to A$145, and when we add GST that becomes A$159.50. So yesterday’s announcement that we will pay $158 means… oh my…

SOUND THE GONG! THE END IS NIGH! WE ARE PAYING LESS THAN THE USA!! Seriously, in a world where we are fleeced as standard price policy, we have to give snaps to Apple for this one.

I was about to follow up with a cry of foul on the lack of a local price drop for iTunes Plus tracks, when the news landed in my inbox – DRM plus now $1.69, in line with general iTunes pricing! W00tles! Yes, I feel $1.49 would always have been a sharper, more attractive price point for iTunes songs, but bringing DRM-free tracks into line with the rest of the store is enough right now for me to spend a few download dolari.

I’m big on maintain some mental distance from my general Mac bent (god knows the mothership licks the toes of Jobs enough), but today I’ll throw them a little more love. Well played, Apple.