Apple Corporate Video From 1984 Rips Off Irene Cara, Is Ridiculous

This ludicrous Apple corporate video was used during the Macintosh rollout in January of 1984. It played before Steve Jobs took the stage. My, how keynotes have changed! I only wish Apple still produced comedic gems/ripoffs of current chart-toppers for keynotes like this. For the full story behind this video from the man who ripped it from his personal collection for the enjoyment of the internet, hit the jump.

This was a corporate song that was used during the Macintosh rollout in January, 1984. I heard it live, in Manhattan, before Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce the Macintosh and the new line of Lisa computer systems.

The copy that's been out on the Internet was pretty ratty looking, with dropouts in the video and the audio. I digitised and restored this version from a first generation VHS tape in my personal library. I also extracted the audio and enhanced it in my home studio to give it some more punch and reduce the noise.

So, if you are into technology, Apple corporate history, or computing, you will enjoy this. if you're not, and you just like the videos of me and my family and my bad jokes - don't watch it, because the song is really cheesy and is a blatant ripoff of Irene Cara's "Flashdance" song.

Trivia: when I saw this 'live' at the Mac introduction, we, as Apple Dealers, all LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF at time marker 02:47 - when the guy carried a 60 pound LISA computer under his arm like it was a laptop!


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