AlumaMax Adds Vibrant Color to Mac Pro, Cinema Displays and Keyboards

macpurdycolors.jpgThe Mac Pro is pretty enough as it is, but now AlumaMax can transmogrify that aluminium case into a horse of a different color. Who says MacBooks, iPods and iPhones are the only ones worthy of custom colours? Check out the rainbow of six anodized hues with which you can perform this alchemy on your existing Mac Pro or PowerMac G5. If you're looking for a brand-new Mac, the company offers a complete line of Mac Pros all coloured up to your specs, and even better news is you can get a tinted keyboard and Cinema Display to match. You'll be coughing up some serious coin for the privilege, though—it's $50 for a keyboard colorization, $349 to colour up your Mac Pro or G5, and up to $4600 for a tricked out 8-core Mac Pro. [AlumaMax, via macnn]

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