Alienware Puts 64GB of SSD in Their Desktop PCs

aurora_alx.jpegThey're not the first—Falcon NW had the blazing fast MTron SSD in their Mach V a month ago, says buddy Gordon from Max PC—but Alienware has just started offering 64GB of SSD in their Aurora ALX and Area-51 ALX desktops. [Alienware]

AU: Of course, Alienware is still MIA here in Australia - we've made repeated attempts to contact, and even local reps for Dell have indicated things are very thin here for that brand (it is still very much a separate entity). Considering the site still says 'coming soon' for P2 chassis desktops (as it has for many, many months) and it also 'recommends Vista Home Premium'... lets just look on at the US and look forward to Dell whipping things into shape in future.

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