'80s Stereo Turned Into a HTPC

IMG_3591%20%28Small%29.JPG.jpgWith everyone trying to slap more chrome and neon on to their custom PC creations it's nice to see someone going old school for a change. This enormous stereo form the '80s has been modded and prodded into a decently capable HTPC complete with built-in 15-in LCD, Hauppauge TV tuner, 1.83GHz Athlon XP 2500+ processor and 500GB of hard drive space. The best part is that the buttons on front aren't just for show. The volume control still works as does the power button, and the tuning knob scrubs vertically while the function knob scrolls horizontally. [The Lost Pixel via Make Magazine]

IMG_3591 (Small).JPG.jpgIMG_3610 (Small).JPG.jpgIMG_3602 (Small).JPG.jpgIMG_3582c (Small).jpg

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