3's Skype/Cellphone Phone Launches in UK

skypephone3a.jpgThe Skype/Cellphone we've been keeping our eye on has just launched under provider 3 in the UK. It looks quite similar to Netgear's old Skype phones, but of course has standard cellphone calling as well as Skyping capabilities. It's cool because Skype to Skype is free, but SkypeOut and SkypeIn—which uses the Skype network for cheaper calls to regular numbers—is disabled. [RedHerring via Reuters via WirelessInfo]

AU: So after all the 'excitement', this isn't offering any advantage over what we can get here through our X-Series service. Not sure whether to be pleased we're still at the leading edge here, or disappointed we haven't actually seen Skype Out land on 3.

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