3D Mailbox Level 2 Now Includes Airport Sim

What if you could have all your email delivered to you by Boeing 747s, simulated as if they're pulling into LAX? That's what the free 3D Mailbox Level 2 software can do, giving you a 3D animation—complete with air traffic control tower chatter—for each sent and received email. Your emails will arrive and depart in planes from the countries matching your email's origin or destination, with 80 airlines represented. No, this is not that awful version 1.0 that made Adam feel like giving up on life, an obviously bad idea with gross people walking around giving you your email and doing obnoxious things. Well, the graphics are not that much better in this version, but we find this added airport scenario quite a bit more entertaining than its predecessor. See what you think. [3D Mailbox, via Red Ferret]

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