3.8-Kilowatt JL Audio Gotham G213 Subwoofer is The Mother of All Subs

gotham_front.jpgThe long-awaited Gotham Home Theater Subwoofer G213 from JL Audio is finally shipping, and judging from its formidable spec sheet, it might be worth the wait if you feel like simulating an earthquake that can be felt within a radius of a half-mile. Billed as "The Mother of All Subs," to call this a powered subwoofer is almost an understatement, because its pair of 13.5-inch subwoofer drivers have an astonishing 3800 watts of power slam-dunking them, showing no mercy, straight/no chaser.

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This 34-inch-high monster weighs 360 pounds and has 1.1-inch walls, presumably to keep it from exploding, and each speaker's fiberglass cabinet is so meticulously built, it takes an entire month to put one together from beginning to end. Then when you (or a crew of piano movers) schlep it into your listening room, you electronically set it up with an automatic room equalization system complete with microphone that figures out exactly how much subwoofer you're going to need. Just add just the right amount of cowbell and $11,000, and you're good to go. [JL Audio]

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