$198 Wal-Mart Toshiba HD DVD Player Confirmed By Spy Shot

wal-mart198.jpgThat rumour about a sub-$200 Wal-Mart HD-A2 HD DVD player from Toshiba seems like it's true, judging from this no-reason-to-be-blurry blurry shot of an end-cap at Wal-mart. It's not set to be sold until 11/03 and will be in the circulars for that week, and each store will get 18 units. The guy who posted this says it's also a "non-replenishable item", meaning that it might be a one-time thing. Is this enough to (along with Transformers) cut away at Blu-ray's lead and possibly force a merging of the standards? We hope so, because we want to see kitties hugging, not fighting. [AVSForum]

AU: In a local context, if a HD DVD player hit the market at $250, would you buy it? Would the format make a difference if either HD player hit that kind of price? Or are you already banking on one or the other?

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