Yoda, Palpatine Statues Fight It Out in Realistic Miniature

yodapalpatine.jpgCan't seem to get enough Star Wars? Now here's a 15-inch altar at which you can worship, with ARTFX Kotobukiya statues of Yoda and Palpatine fighting and shooting sparks out their fingers at each other, and it'll only cost you $174.99. It's relatively big, with Palpatine standing 11 inches tall, but whatever that purple shit is coming out of their fingers, we really don't want to know. Not to worry, though, that scum is removable. Take the jump for a couple of closeups of the Forceful battle.yodapalpatine2.jpg yodapalpatine3.jpg You'd think for all that money this model would come to you already assembled, but no. You still must snap together the sacred parts. You'll have to wait, too, because this glorious sculpture won't be available until next March. [Star Wars Shop, via The Uber Review]

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