Xbox Mini Case Mod is Nothing Shy of Modding Genius

xmoddermain.jpgGhostavel over at Xbox-Scene has produced an absolutely stunning Xbox case mod for the original black, chunky mess of an Xbox. Check out the gallery for some awesome pictures of the fantastic project.


The Xbox mini, as it has been dubbed, seems to lack a DVD drive. We are assuming Technabob's guess is right, as they surmise it is most likely used for homebrew and game backups. The 80GB hard drive that has been stuffed in there will certainly be very useful if that is true. It is unfathomable that the old console, which had enough plastic on one system to feed a starving family of plastic eating giants, could be reduced to the very image of gadget beauty. Sadly, our man has been struck by the lazy hammer and has lost his enthusiasm for the completion of the task; let's get over there and show him some support! We would definitely buy one—what about you guys? [Xbox-Scene via Technabob] .

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