Xbox 360 Halo Edition Looks Like a Weapon (Hardware Gallery)

IMG_2102.jpgThis Limited Edition Xbox is basically your Premium Xbox with an HDMI port, but the attention to detail on the case is impressive. Text and graphics running over the side of the green, camo splattered Xbox, and an HDD and drive tray painted in the same reflective gold as the Master Chief's helmet make it seem as if it were a weapon pulled straight out of the game. The detailed shots of the logos, some of which are shared with the Halo 3 Zune, are in the gallery below. The problem is, WTF, why isn't there a 120GB HDD in here? Just because you're a Halo fanboy doesn't mean you should have to suffer the indignity of last year's HDD. I've swapped that one out of my Elite, and so I lose the gold trim of the Halo HDD in exchange for the 500% bump in storage. What a silly compromise.


-"Caution: Exhaust Vents Here, Nanoreagent Emission Port" (near the bottom of the Xbox) -"Property of UNSC/Unit weight 3.5kg/309mm x89mm x 258mm" -"Halo 3 Bungie H3-0 1E100 0x D34th 4nGle 108 |n|n|n ROGUE PROCESS ghost.713>" -"Fuel Intake" (by USB ports for charge cables) -"UNSC AI HUB" (By the IR Port) -"AI Interface Port" (By the disc tray) -"Core Activation" (By the power button) Really, to get an idea of how good this stuff looks, you gotta hit the gallery. I still don't know why there isn't an HDMI cable in here, why there isn't any text on the included green controller (although I'm glad there's a charge pack), and why they didn't include the 120GB HDD.

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