Wireless Puppy Cam Endearingly Spies On Your Children

wireless-puppy-cam.jpgHave you ever spilled your heart out to your dog and wished that it recorded all of it for replay value? Well, wish no more for the Wireless Puppy Cam is here — a toy so obnoxiously cute it'll make recording your video suicide note even more fun that it normally is. The Puppy Cam comes with a camera in its nose, a microphone, and like the name suggests, is wireless — allowing you to finally spy on your babysitter in the most endearing way possible.

What can you do with it? Well, you can spy on your children with it — that's always a good one. You can use it to film your sexual acts — if the dog is watching, it may as well do something useful, after all. Or, because I'm always a fan of the Furry jokes, you can take it to your next furry convention — it'll fit right in (hay-oh!). [Pocket Lint via UberGizmo]

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