WineM RFID Wine Rack At NextFest

1368074866_9a25ed8742.jpgThingM's WineM is one part intelligent wine rack, one part light show. This concept, currently on display at NextFest, works by taking bottles of wine tagged with RFID stickers and placing them onto the rack. Now if you're having Lamb Shank for dinner and want a decent Shiraz, just input into the computer that you want a Shiraz over $US50, then WineM automatically lights up each bottle of wine that fits the description.

What's too bad is that there isn't an official wine database like CD's have with CDDB. That way you could tag it with RFID and type in the brand, year and variety to get even more information. Currently you have to enter in all of the information by hand. Hopefully someone will bring the wine database to fruition, but in the mean check out the WineM in light show mode, it's almost more impressive than the RFID locating.

[] [Product Page via TodBot]

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