Windows Really Good Edition May Cannabilise Vista's Market Share

winrgg.jpgThere has been a LOT of Apple talk recently. Who's showing the Microsoft guys'n'gals any love? We are! Check out this absolutely, insanely great homage to Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows Really Good Edition, as it is dubbed, makes some much needed improvements to the current OS.

It is so good we would not be surprised if this replaces the complete Vista line up entirely. The big M is staying completely mute on the topic, but it has their hallmarks all over it. OK, before the torrents of abuse come flying this way from the Microsofties; sorry. Don't get all beat up about it—some Apple fanboy was obviously sad enough to put this together, what does that say about our Apple fanboyism? Exactly; we are sad too. At least we look stylish and have a working OS. (I couldn't help it). Hit the link to experience Microsoft RG for yourself. [Albino Blacksheep]

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