What's the Best Handset Under $100 These Days?

Paying special attention to high end US phones, its easy to miss the little handsets meant to appease the stingy buyers of America. What is the best handst for less than $100 these days? Off the top of my head, I'd say the Sony Ericsson W580, which is $80 after rebate, or one of the Samsung Sync phones with 3G. But I'm sure there are better handsets out there for less. What do you think? Which carrier has the best cheap handsets? And which of those handsets are the best, and why?

AU: Obviously we don't care about the cheapie US handsets, but it's a good question. What do you guys think is the best handset out there right now that comes in at less than, say, $200? $150? Does phone OS trump other considerations at this price range? Or is there something that nails the feature set / form factor equation?

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