Wacom Scraps Graphire For Bamboo

bamboo.jpgWacom has replaced its old consumer model, Graphire, with a new two-model line called Bamboo and Bamboo Fun. First off, neither one of the new models can recognise that your pen is tilting, change functions depending on what application you're running, or use other non-Bamboo specific drawing pens. But they both have added four programmable buttons as well as a large zooming/scrolling circle. The Bamboo is the more professional model of the two. It features a nice clean design, but lacks a larger tablet option, a mouse or even an eraser on the pen. But it's relatively cheap at $US69.99. The Bamboo Fun, while looking significantly goofier, does include the pen, a larger tablet option and the mouse. But these extras bump up the price to $US99.99 for the smaller tablet and $US199.99 for the medium-sized one. Look for them later this month. [Crave]

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