USB RC Car, Controlled From Your PC Screen, Turns Desk Paradise Into Parking Lot

usb_car_front.jpgNo one will suspect a thing when your tiny USB RC car is parked inside its charging garage next to your PC. But then it comes busting out the door, and you're controlling it right there on your PC screen, beeping its noisy horn, parallel parking it between that coffee cup and your TPS reports, steering it every which-way. Hey! Be careful not to drive it off that cliff at the edge of your desk. Or perhaps be sure to. We have plenty of pics, after the jump.


This looks like the most fun you can have with USB since those USB humping dogs that swept the gadget world last year, and all they did was just sit there and do pelvic thrusts and rob us of our precious dignity. This is a much better way to blow your $29.99, trust us. That desk of yours might as well be put to some good use, because you're certainly not getting any work done now. [Brando]

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