Triops Camera Takes Panoramic Shots, Reacts to Sound and Motion

triops_cam.jpgThis Triops Camera may not be the best device ever invented for family portraits, but with its three lenses and sound-activated trigger, it might be able to snag some of the weirdest-looking photos you've ever seen. Made specifically for shooting panoramas and odd shot sequences, apparently you can slam the sucker into the wall and it will release its shutter. Plus, its three lenses are situated in such a way that one click immediately gets you enough shots to put together a 360° photo.This three-fisheye-lens camera is a design concept that somebody thought was good enough to be a finalist for the BraunPrize 2007. It can wirelessly transmit its hijinks to a picture-displaying receiver, and then when you're done tossing the camera around that receiver also serves as a charging station.

We're just thinking that if German designer Franziska Faoro ever gets around to actually getting a manufacturer for this design concept, it better be really cheap— not many people are going to want to throw around an expensive panoramic camera. [Yanko Design]

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