Treo 500 Early Impressions (Verict: Solid)

Treo500Unboxed.jpgTreonauts has some early hands-on impressions and unboxing of the much deliberated Treo 500. Aside from the lack of touchscreen, the review was overwhelmingly positive. Surprisingly, one of the best features is its solid construction.In fact, they go so far as to say that

"There is also absolutely no 'plasticky' feel about it and in this respect it may be an entry level Treo but it certainly doesn't feel cheap at all - this is a smartphone that I would quite happily and proudly set on a table and show off."

Now since this is a Treo site this review should be taken with some caution. But hey maybe we've been too hard on the 500. Just because it's not for us gadget freaks, doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good recommendation for a friend entering the smartphone world, right?[Treonauts]

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