Tornado Lab Lets You Indulge Your Wildest Gale Force Fantasies

ffinalnine.jpgIf you have longed to become a master in the science of all things tornados, the Tornado Lab may well be for you. Place a jug of water into the blender wannabe and watch it tear away as a fully formed, mini typhoon.

Promising to make budding enthusiasts into Twister-esque, manically obsessed tornado chasers, the Tornado Lab comes with five preset motorised speeds, each corresponding to F1-F5 of the Fujita scale. (The scale is used to classify tornados according to wind damage potential). If that setup was not realistic enough, the device also comes with preset sound effects for that added touch of realism.The top is transparent to ensure an unobstructed view of the watery action, and at $29.95 from the Discovery Store, we doubt you will find a better tornado simulator for your cash.

Perhaps I shall purchase this for my pet fish; I've seen that look in his eye, the one that says, "I'd love a Jacuzzi to impress Nemo and all his cool mates." The dreams coming true, Blinky! Bli—wait a minute, I don't have a pet fish...recreational drugs are real bad. [Product Page via Random Good Stuff] .

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