This is what a melted Xserve looks like

xserve-fire2.jpg Melbourne-based tech vendor Designwyse had a massive fire back at the end of July, destroying their entire premises. Thankfully no one was hurt, but their systems were completely destroyed. Like this Xserve rack. Did anyone else know an Xserve has a gooey, nougaty centre that spills out when you cook it? Tasty! Another shot of the rack after the jump. Thanks Ben Greig! [Designwyse] xserve-fire.jpg


    Looks kinda marshmellowy

    Take a look at the other photos on the web site. All future Macs should be molded from whatever that awning is made out of.

    I would not eat that nougatey center if I were you.
    Looks like someone dropped a fridge without a door into a volcano and drug it back out.

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