The White iPod Has Gone Extinct

deadpod.jpg We all saw it coming, but now it's official, white iPods have become extinct. May we all bow our heads, and take a trip down memory lane.The white iPod might have started it all off, but sure enough it has been moved out of the spotlight.

spotlightipod.jpg Obviously there were the colorful Mini's, but they never had a white option to begin with. The first true blow came with the Shuffle going silver, exclusively.


But nobody thought much of this since it was just a Shuffle, the lowest rung of the iPod totem poll. However, when the Nano quickly followed suit and moved to a white-less lineup, a warning shot had definitely been fired.

nanowhitetomulti.jpg Some buzz was generated by the obvious move to a color only selection, but it didn't matter because we always will have our premium big daddy iPod sporting the purest color of all.

But then earlier today Steve struck the final nail into whitey's coffin, the iPod Touch came sporting a svelte black look and the iPod Classic went with black & silver color options. Nowhere was a white iPod to be found.

regipodwhitetoblacksilver%20copy.jpg With one little event, Apple had dropped the color scheme that had started it all. Goodbye White iPod, you spun an entire electronics style movement, you will not soon be long as we have these stupid white earbuds to remind us.

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