The Ultimate Gadget Lover Takes Pics of Same Vending Machine Daily for Two Years

spotting.jpegIf you ever wake up in the morning and think: "Every day is just the same old same old," then maybe you need to look at Ryuuichi Terada's blog. Entitled "I Take a Picture of the Same Vending Machine Every Day (or so). I'm Very Sorry," the Sapporo-based man has spent the past two years doing exactly that, highlighting the changes made when the machine is restocked — like this:c070718.jpgAs you can see from the top images, August is a quiet month in the world of vending interiors. July, however, on the left, was mad crazy, with all the products moving one place to the right. In case you don't know what his arrows mean, Mr Terada also writes down the changes, rather like a chess game — C3 to C4, C4 to C5, etc etc.

When he goes away on business trips or is too busy to document the life of his favourite machine, it is up to Mrs Terada to keep the vending machine vigilance. And fellow OCD sufferers vending-machine enthusiasts will be pleased to know that next month will be All Change, as October is when cold drinks are swapped for hot ones. Mr Terada's red photoshop pencil will be busy. [Jihan via Kilian Nakamura]

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