The Lobster is One Modular Crustacean

lobster_phone-2.jpgWhile many of the wrist/arm based multimedia devices are improving, none of them can hold a candle to Danillo Mangini's Lobster. This oddly named prototype involves an LCD base unit about the size of an iPod Shuffle (or presumably a lobster tail) that straps on to your arm or wrist, but what sets the Lobster apart is its modular ability.Instead of being stuck with whatever capabilities the device came with, Mangini wanted the user to be able to customize the device to their liking by adding links such as GPS or a cardiometer. But to that same extent they could also go low profile and only snap on what they'll need for the day. Coming from a group of people who on any given day will have no less then 3 gadgets, this sounds like a beautiful dream. [Design Wave via Yanko]


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