The Ideal Wedding Present (Hint: Includes Glass Dildo)

forever_ever.jpgThe world of conceptual design often generates products that will make our lives easier and more fulfilling. For newlyweds, Katherine Gray has designed this combination wine goblets-plates-bowls-urinal-dildo kit. Plus when the deeds are done, the container can be used to store the ashes of your loved one. And while we admire Gray's enthusiasm, we can't help but wonder why she didn't develop a goblets-plates-urinal-dirty sanchez-pipe cleaner-tuba-KY-pleather-more KY-small living animal-clown bike-pool of jello-what ever happened to Cosby-ripped fishnet stocking made of used dental floss-curry flavored condom-silverware set. I guess the world will never know. [yankodesign]

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